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Carsten Weber said...

Dear Matthew,

Yesterday the translation of your book was published in Germany, today I bought and read it. What should I say: it made me cry, because it is so full of truth, and it says in simple word what is sometimes unimpossible to describe.

I know how painful it is when the Black Dog lies between you and your beloved, and I know this infinite loneliness when drinking your "medicine" just with the Black Dog at your side.

Thank you so much for this book. Maybe I can show it to some people near me to make them understand, what kind of dark mess it is we sometimes feel in our inner self.

All the best to you from Germany
Carsten Weber

Anonymous said...

I was recently in NZ and was told about this book and now have both!! This book is absolutely FANTASTIC! It is truly simplistic but hugely powerful. Matthew gives us all a wonderful gift and from his darkness he shows that there is a light for everyone.

Thank you Matthew for sharing your journey with us.