Been too Long.

Since the last post where I announced Living With a Black Dog. Much has happened, infact too much to mention today. The biggest news is that I am finally out of advertising which is something I've been working towards for the last five years. I'm grateful for everything the industry taught me but I'm more grateful to be finally out of it.
I am now working partly as an illustrator and author (new book coming out at Xmas more on that later). I also do 3 days a week as a creative consultant at the Black Dog Institute which is NSW's initiative on tackling depression and bi-polar. It's part of the University of NSW's and part of the Prince of Wales Hospital.

Primarily I'm developing a lecture for teenagers,their parents and teachers on understanding mood disorders. It's a big project but a really important one.

The irony for me is that I'm working in a place that researches, educates and has a clinic for depression and I've never been happier. It's fantastic to have a sense of purpose in my life and to make good of a negative experience.

My mother once said 'life is like a river don't get stuck on the bank.' It is truly amazing where life takes you if you allow it. I spent so many years doing what I thought what I should be doing and not listening to what my soul really wanted.

I promise I shall try and keep this blog more regular. Thank you for all your wonderful and encouraging emails. I really appreciate them. Woof woof!!

Matthew J the slackest blogger down under


Sue Quinlan said...

I borrowed this book from my local library several years ago...I read it and IT WAS ME!!! I then bought a copy. My depression deepened until a wonderful colleague took a grip of my situation and now 12 months later I am 99.9% better.
I have bought and given away many copies of you wonderful book to allow people to "see" how I feel as words can never adequately describe the condition. I even sent one to my psychiatrist!!
Hope you are keeping well,

THANK YOU, for your book and the help it has given me, you are a star, fondest regards xx

alistair said...

Matthew, we share a similar background as I first suffered depression in 2004 when I was the MD of a web design business in Glasgow, UK. I've recently come through a bad 14 months in which I was prescribed four different courses of medication. None of them worked and I became worse as I took more medication. The penny finally dropped 5 weeks ago when I made the connection that when I was coming off one medication to go onto another, I had my better periods before getting low again. In agreement with my doctor who felt that it was possibly the anti-depressants that were making me depressed, I came immediately off my medication and at the moment everything is going well. The point of my message is that on one of my really low days a few month's ago, my wife bought me 'I had a Black Dog'. It struck an immediate chord for both of us and I actually smiled - and maybe even laughed. Keep up the great work as more people need to be made aware of your experience.

Anonymous said...

I just read your book that was recommended by my son's friend (she studied it for her psychology A-level). My father and my husband's cousin both have suffered from severe depression (and still do) and I worry have a tendency towards depression sometimes too. The book and your blog has been helpful getting me to understand what my father, in particular, struggles with and how I can look after myself, hopefully keeping Black Dog firmly in his basket. Great news about your new job too. Cheryl, London, England

Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew, Would just like to say thank you for 2 of best books i have read about depression. My husband was diagnosed last year with anxiety and depression. We are a young couple with 3 small kids who just moved here from Ireland. These books are so enlightening and hopefull and makes it so much easier to understand than alot of the huge books full of medical jargon that i have read on the subject! The illustrations are beautiful also. We are hopefull now to get our black dog under controll too. Thank you